Before you enter, please be open minded to the secrets that are about to be revealed to you. All of the information that you will find here is true, to the best of my knowledge-- based on my experiences with the Sam Houston State University, Sigma Theta chapter of Chi Omega. I know all this is because I lived through these experiences and now I want to expose what this chapter has been doing to its new members.

"People of all ages are victims of ritualistic abuse- brutal physical, psychological, and sexual abuse involving rituals, sometimes satanic ones, and sometimes by members of organized cults. It usually involves multiple instances over an extended period of time. The purpose is sometimes to induct victims into satanic beliefs and practices and gain dominance over them through the use of pain, humiliation, and torture. The psychological abuse is devastating and often includes mind control and terror with the threat of death for disclosure (Recovering from Rape, by Linda E. Ledray; pages 23-24)."

"Because the ritualistic aspects of the abuse seem so unbelievable to those unfamiliar with the practices, the credibility of survivors who report such abuse is often called into question. Unfortunately, ritualistic abuse is widespread today. It has perpetuated and grown in silence due to the abusers' dominance over and terror inflicted in the victims. Major networks of 'family' cults whose practices include sexual abuse have developed into various types of organizations- their secrets need to be exposed" (Ledray, 23-24).

"If we don't share what we're learning through a bad situation, part of the good God wants to bring out of it is lost." Office Space in Bangalore



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